hmm i wonder what shes doing in Berlin...


Hope we get lots of pics of her walking about in Berlin why is she there again anyway

i hope so too! i think shes there to hang with some friends or something. 

i love her i dont give a fuck posey face in the gif of divergent set where it spans from her to theo

i think thats her resting face …. lmaooo jk

"He’s so talented it’s crazy cause he’s so goofy, he’s such a goofy silly guy and so for awhile before we started working I was like ‘how is he gonna play this like you know like this serious sexy guy’ and then the camera is on him and he’s like all of a sudden he’s like sexy like mysterious.. he’s killing it he’s amazing but yeah I mean he’s an amazing actor and a really sweet guy. Very funny, super funny and yeah, really really really really good looking." - Zoe Kravitz 

I read she was a secular Jew somewhere but there was no source. Perhaps she's a Christian like Lenny? Idk she wears her cross a lot but I don't think she practicing any religion most likely just Spiritual.

i feel like your last sentence rings true.

religion is a private thing, so i doubt she will be talking about it in interviews :/

Can you tell me about Zoe's religiosity belief or life the way of life she believes in


thats deep. i have no idea; she has never spoke about her faith or religious beliefs.

shes does, however, have an Islam and a Hindu tattoo.

lifeisserendipity said: what is her islam and hindu tattoo?

hindu tattoo: “om namah shiva”

Islam: crescent & star symbol

whats kombucha like


its a kind of tea and i love tea, but i’ve never tried it …

anyone have experience with kombucha?

laboinas said: It’s effervescent since it’s fermented tea, the taste depends on how long it was aged for + if you added any extra flavorings. It can be very sour/vinegary if aged for long periods. I personally love it