"i dont want to be the daughter of […] who wears cool clothes & goes out. i want to be known as an actress."

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she's not in miami

didn’t think so. thank you for the confirmation, hun!

is zoe in miami?

noo idea. she was in LA a few days ago tho.

I liked Penn and Zoe the most out of all the relationships she has been in. It seemed more real than the rest, you know what I mean? Plus I love how he talked about her.

i know what you mean; i loved them together too. they seemed really in love and happy …

she has other tats that we haven't gotten close up of, one on her left forearm. some kind of hand print or something. and "h2o" in green letters. maybe in upcoming mag shots we'll finally see details

she loves her tats. and theyre almost always teeny lol so its hard to spot them. HQ pics with details would be so great!

i'm so bad...I get excited when I see friends of hers. Sade Lythcott was in Essence Mag and I was like "OMG, she's besties with Zoe!" Also it's Alia Shawkat's bday today and I wonder if Z's with her to celebrate??

lol thats so cute! i’ve started recognizing some of the people she hangs out with too. & yes, they celebrated alia’s bday in LA i believe. ill see if i can find pics!

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