"i dont want to be the daughter of […] who wears cool clothes & goes out. i want to be known as an actress."

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Zoe is stunning! Like her lips are just... gah, her skin is so clear, smooth and flawless, like no blemishes anywhere, her eyes are beautiful, I just can't. It's unfair to be so pretty, she's like a doll and did I mention her perfect bone structure? If I had her face, I would be lethal, she clearly doesn't know her power! Like how can you be so cool and chill and down to earth when you look like her??? I'm officially obsessed with Zoe Kravitz, help!


this was me in 2008. seriously. and it hasn’t gotten any better, because shes as #flawless as ever.

shes super lethal and i think she might be a little aware … have you seen her dating history? lol. and most people say shes nice irl too … shes just all around perfection tbh.

everyone here at FYZI is in love w/ zoe so we are here for you, bb.

Did you see the new X-men trailer with our girl? You should try to upload it, if you can... =)

i know shes not in the new movie, but did they have a clip of the last one in there or something? i’ll watch it and upload it if shes in it! :]

Are you talking about the little Native American headdress tattoo?

i think thats it. it looked like a head or some design of sorts. its placed in a semi-hidden place so its hard to get a good pic of it …

I hate that blonde hair:( its like you cant see how pretty she is anymore.

just imagine it isnt there! :[ i think it washes her out a little, but i love that she did something different.


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