Do you want to get through this?
We need gifs from the trailer!!!

we do *waits* haha

i really wish i had the time to make GIFs for yall :[

Zoe's new tattoo that is somewhat near the feather is a mermaid

yeah shes had that one for yearrrsssss

"My name is Max. My world is fire and blood."
Mad Max: Fury Road | George Miller, 2015

Comic-Con went apeshit insane when George Miller showed the teaser for Mad Max very positive reactions and MTV was fan boying super hard. It was cute. It's going to be EPIC!!! I can't wait, Zoe is so cute even when she's fearing for her life. lol I see her nipple piercing. :D

i LOVED her appearance in the trailer when she was getting pulled away from the car, even tho we know that she maybe/pros dies after that #WOMP 

lol i think shes gonna be good in mad max, but we have to wait til 2015 to see! D:

told yall it was there haha she better werrrkk

I can't see her nip ring

its there lol i shouldn’t have said anything

What's a nip ring

a ring for the nip … ? lol


the Five Wives

special appearance by zoe’s nip ring, #heller

Mad Max: Fury Road, Comic-Con first look.